Parma and the Province


The "Masters of perspective"
Itinerary through the main city churches to discover marvelous highbacked stalls decorated with intarsia (1488-1491).

Baptistery churches
Small and big jewels of Romanesque art in the countryside.

Palatina Library and Bodoni Museum
Visit to the historical halls of the Library and to the Museum that houses the printing tools (over 80.000 - punches, dies, presses) of G.B. Bodoni (1740-1813) and his precious collection of works.

Museum of the Constantine Order of St. George
A new museum in the Steccata Basilica: the burial crypt of Parma Dukes, wooden wardrobes with marvelous church clothes, paintings and Bourbons' family items.

Cathedral chapels
Rusconi and Ravacaldi chapels, Valeri and del Comune chapels with XV century frescos

Cathedral Museum
Itinerary through the local church history and art: from the Roman time to Middle Ages

On request: visit to the most elegant and historic palaces in town

From Renaissance to Baroque: uncommon churches
The Baroque in St. Anthony: church or theatre? SS. Annunziata: a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, Oratorio di Sant'Ilario: the Saint Patron's church, San Vitale: the Town Hall Church.