Parma and the Province


schiava turcaThis itinerary allows to follow the tracks of two great artists of the Renaissance period, both linked to Parma: Correggio and Parmigianino. We start with Correggio and the St. Paul's Monastery where he painted the Abbess's dining room; then we go to see the dome frescoed in St. John the Evangelist's church; we finish with Correggio's masterpiece, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary to Heaven in the dome of the Cathedral. The work of his follower, Parmigianino can been admired in the St. John the Evangelist's church where he moved his first steps and then in the Steccata Church where he left his last wonderful fresco. The visit will be completed by the itinerary through the National Gallery. Another unique work by Parmigianino can be seen in the Fontanellato Castle (30 km from Parma).